Hi Ruth,

We had our wedding under the patio tent on June 25th. I just wanted to thank you and everyone who did such a great job organizing the event. The staff was kind and helpful, everyone that attended said that they did a great job and we agree! The food greatly surpassed any expectation we could have had. When Matt and I walked up to the buffet we were shocked. You may use the term BBQ to describe it, but it was not like any BBQ that I have ever been to! Again, thank you and thank you to everyone that made our wedding day absolutely perfect (the chefs, the waiters, the organizers, and who ever mopped up all the water from the floors at 9am!!!) I would recommend this location to anyone who wants to have a fun, casual, well organized, BEAUTIFUL wedding day.

Thank you again to everyone at Point Sebago!
Matt and Heather Richard

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for all you did before, during, and after the reception. It
was truly beautiful. The appetizers and food were great. Everyone had a
great time. Packing the stuff up for me at the end was so greatly
appreciated. The whole experience at Point Sebago was AWESOME. I love the place and
definitely plan on coming again when I can enjoy it even more.

All staff at Point Sebago was so friendly.
I will be writing on your facebook/blog also.

Thanks again,
Linda Orr

Hi Ruth,
I just wanted to thank you for everything. All my guests said they had a great weekend! Not only did they enjoy being able to stay the weekend, but they loved the food! That seems to be the first thing out of everyone's mouth when I talk to them. Everything seemed to go smoothly and it was nice not having to set up or put anything away. Everyone that worked there was friendly and made sure all my things were in one spot so I didn't have to worry. It was so nice!

Thank you again for everything and I will always recommend Point Sebago!

Nichole Diagnault Bryant
Turner ME

Hi Ruth.....
What a wedding! The moose was a beautiful touch, of course, as I'm sure you've heard several times. What a hoot! :o) Thanks again for all your wonderful work and support. I think I was ready to lose my mind a couple of times before I talked to you and you sounded so calm and reassuring that everything would be wonderful... You have a great crew of people working with you as wait staff and kitchen crew. The food was delicious, everything looked wonderful, and the relatives that you met all sang your praises on how efficient you were and how everything happened the way we wanted it to... We had a great day... actually, it was awesome.

Thank you so much!

Dear Ruth,
I would like to thank you for performing such a lovely ceremony for Carrie and her new husband, Jeff Gregory on Saturday.

I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation to all of the Point Sebago Staff who worked on the wedding ceremony and reception. I have received several calls from family and friends remarking on how beautiful everything looked and how friendly and courteous all of the waiters, waitresses, and the bartender were. All of the people who have called have also mentioned the food. It was “delicious”!

You are all very definitely a very organized group. The whole day flowed beautifully. Ruth, you kept