Point Sebago Golf Learning Center programs are designed to fit the needs of every student, from the neophyte to the more experienced golfer looking to improve his or her game. We offer private lessons, clinics and clinic programs. We are sure to have a program to match the needs of every person that would like to learn or improve upon their golf game.

Point Sebago's beautifully designed practice area helps makes learning fun and easy. We offer four separate greens for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. Our short game practice areas are designed to help golfers refine each shot in varied situations with a real life feeling of being on the course. And we have our own 300-yard driving range.

Point Sebago Golf Learning Center has developed programs designed to improve golf skills in both shot making ability and scoring around greens. Our Professional Golf Instructors concentrate on each person's ability level and zoom in on the specific area that each individual person needs most to see lasting results. Our instruction is simple, concise and easy to grasp. Drills are given to ensure lasting improvement.

No matter what level your game is at, your improvement plan should start at Point Sebago. Beginners will learn to stay clear of forming bad habits. Intermediates will move to more advanced levels and advanced golfers will get all the small flaws out of their games. Point Sebago Golf Learning Center will help you reach your golf game potential.